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Armada ARW Ski - Women's - 10/11

Our Price: $217.95 ($402.05 savings)
MSRP: $620.00
Item #: 0830098

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A pink graphic does not make a women's ski. To be taken seriously by female park skiers, a ski needs performance characteristics that equal the men's while acknowledging the differences. The ARW addresses the difference in average skier weight with our AR Core 2, which redistributes the core stringers to lower both swing and overall weight. Women don't need scaled down versions of the men's performance characteristics, so nearly everything else about the ARW is identical with the AR6, ensuring the same pop, durability, and versatility of that ski. Once all those issues are addressed, then you throw some pink in the graphics. Because girls like pink.

One word describes the ARW: PROVEN! Proven materials. Proven construction. Proven geometry. The result is proven performance, from the latest movie segments to the contest podium. Ready for the park ski standard bearer for women? Prove it. FEATURES: ABS sidewall construction, Double Zone core, Traditional positive camber, S7 base, Carbon kevlar stringer, Laminate matrix, 2.5 impact edge.

A blend of Carbon/Kevlar stringers that run along the tail of the skis to help stabilize it. This creates a better landing platform, especially when your weight is further back than intended. It also increases snap and adds pop to ollies .

2.5 Edge
This edge has an oversized height and width and the steel is heat-treated to a proprietary hardness which helps resist breaking and tearing out from rails, ledges and any other abuse it might meet.

Laminate Matrix
We know from the core out exactly how each ski should react, so three kinds of fiberglass laminates are used in combination to deliver the exact amount of flex and torsional rigidity. Bi-axial fiberglass runs in an “x” pattern down the ski to control lateral flex. Uni-directional fiberglass controls flex along the length of the ski. And tri-axial fiberglass, with fibers running in three directions, beefs up the center of the ski. The permutations of the three fiberglasses are nearly limitless and allow us to precision tune the performance of every ski we make.

S7 Base
Improved for 10/11, the new S7 features a gliding additive for increased speed and longevity. Our toughest base, find the S7 on any ski that’s looking for rails, ledges, and boxes as much as snow.


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